Jul 11, 2021TSCPL_Miranda rated this title 4 out of 5 stars
The author of Daisy Jones & the Six is back with a new novel about family, surfing and secrets set in ’80s Malibu. Malibu Rising tells the story of the Riva family from multiple perspectives. The book alternates between 1983 and the ’50s and ’60s, when parents June and Mick met, fell in love and broke apart. In 1983 Mick Riva is a star singer known around the world for his golden voice and handsome face. The media has reported on his string of failed marriages. However, few people know the full story of the heartbreak behind the scenes. Mick’s four children struggled for success on their own after the death of their mother, who Mick abandoned without a dime. As the oldest child, Nina stepped into the role of caretaker. She petitioned for custody of her siblings as soon as she turned 18 and kept the family restaurant going. Now Nina is a star model, Jay is a champion surfer and Hud is a renowned photographer. Baby sister Kit could be the one to go all the way in surfing if anyone notices her talent. As the story begins the siblings are preparing for their legendary annual summer party with Hollywood elites. At this party people make connections and reputations, romances bloom and hearts are broken. This year’s bash will be the one to end them all. Each of the four siblings has secrets to hide, and by the end of the night the house will be up in flames. This book was a perfect summer escape I could not put down. It was a pleasure to read but also emotionally complex and memorable. I loved Nina’s character growth and strength, and found myself rooting for all the Riva siblings.