Mar 03, 2021Cidherman rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
THE WHISTLER is John Grisham writing in the style and subject matter that made me a huge fan of his earliest works. I didn't care too much for his CAMINO WINDS series and THE RECKONING was excellent but a departure from the type books he has written that I love best. THE WHISTLER is a crackling good read that involves a complicated legal case of a group skimming an Indian casino, located in the Florida Pan Handle. They have a Judge in their pocket and making a case against the "The Coast Mafia" starts with a tip to a small group of investigators, that has the job of investigating judicial misconduct. What starts as a nearly impenetrable network of shell companies, covering up billions of dollars skimmed from casino profits, begins to slowly unravel when the group makes a costly and deadly mistake. Their attempt to intimidate a federal investigator reveals a crack in their network and is enough to bring the FBI into the investigation. Fast paced, complicated but easy to follow plot, fascinating characters, lots of action and excellent writing mean there is NOTHING I DIDN'T enjoy about THE WHISTLER!