The Untethered Soul

the Journey Beyond Yourself
Jan 16, 2021honda88 rated this title 2.5 out of 5 stars
In spite of some genuinely wise and thought-provoking parts, I found the writing, particularly in the last half, to be repetitive. The last chapter on God was unnecessary and preachy. Also: -he writes from a perspective of a privileged white male, the founder of a multimillion-dollar software company : the idea to "just have fun with it!" for someone enduring poverty, mental illness, abuse, racism, or loss is a ridiculous statement that invalidates trauma or real life events of any kind -the idea that God wouldn't want to be around people that are always unhappy, he wants to be around happy people. (WTF) -the idea that problems are not really problems, they're just events that you perceive as problems. Hmmm-