Four Days in Hitler's Germany

Mackenzie King's Mission to Avert a Second World War
Jan 14, 2020C_larsen rated this title 4 out of 5 stars
An interesting account centered on Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King's four day tour of Nazi Germany in 1937 including a session with Hitler. King's intent was to alleviate the fear of war by advising Hitler that Great Britain's PM, Chamberlain, was someone who was sympathetic to Germany and desirous of peace. King considered the meeting a success and was greatly impressed with Hitler and Nazi Germany in general (not including specific racist, eugenic policies). King rose to prominence as a labor dispute conciliator and believed that the solution to all disputes were closed-door one on one meetings where people could resolve their differences. It also explores King's occult and spiritualist activities including seances and interpreting omens. It included seeing visions on his return voyage of his deceased parents and his pets who were still in Canada and this was taken to be a positive omen. It contrasts General Crerar, who led Canadian forces in World War 2, and how he had a short visit to Nazi Germany during that year and his opposing conclusions to King . Crerar saw Nazi Germany as an implacable foe and that war was the only outcome of that society. An interesting note is how much King despised the press. He felt he was often misrepresented by all media, including newspapers that supported his political party. He believed, after his meeting with Hitler, that the only thing that could disturb the peace of Europe was the press.