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jenniwebb made a comment May 21 2018
"This is one of the best books I've ever read! It's an exiting and suspenseful story while at the same time teaching you history. Accidentally skipped the first book, only read this one and still loved it! Totally recommend. -JDW 12 yrs old." Permalink
jenniwebb rated a title May 18 2018
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jenniwebb made a comment May 18 2018
"I didn't expect Raina to make a graphic novel like this after amazing books like Smile, and Sisters. I think the book would have been great, but I feel like Raina was trying to push her personal feelings on a topic that most kids shouldn't even ha..." Permalink
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Mar 28 2018
""Drama" was listed in ALA's Top 10 Most Challenged Books in 2014, just barely making it into the #10 spot for being "sexually explicit." The definition behind such a term can vary between different communities, and such concer..." Permalink
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