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The University of Alberta Press is pleased to issue this new edition of the classic Canadian novel, What the Crow Said, a major work by one of western Canada's best-known and best-respected authors.
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Winner of the Nebula Award for Best SF Novel of the Year The year is 2312. Scientific and technological advances have opened gateways to an extraordinary future. Earth is no longer humanity's only home; new habitats have been created throughout...
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2029- In Japan, a historically mono-cultural nation, childbirth rates are at a critical low and the elderly are living increasingly long lives. This population crisis has precipitated a mass immigration of foreign medical workers from all over...
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" The High Divide is a vivid reminder of why we read, and why we want to."* In 1886, Gretta Pope wakes up one morning to discover that her husband is gone. Ulysses Pope has left his family behind on the far edge of Minnesota's western prairie,...
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