Cavewomen Don't Get Fat
Cavewomen Don't Get Fat The Paleo Chic Diet for Rapid Results By Blum, Esther Book - 2013

Lets get back to makes sense how God put Adam and Eve in a garden with fruit and vegetables and gave then dominoin over the beasts (protien) It is unfortuante that technology has allowed for an abundance of processed foods that may have simplified our lifestyles but have caused numerous side effects one of which includes excessive weight and a host of other problems like skin conditions and malnutrition (to name a few) The diet i read about in this book was not foreign to me, but some information and stats included was new and alarming and reinforced the need for me to focus on what I eat. I applaud the author for a book equipped with relevant research and statistics. The book was also entertaining and not just a list of facts. The author also gives meal ideas so there is NO EXCUSE. I intend to reduce the processed foods in my diet, I have already started. Afterall, it was really not good for me to begin with.

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