SUMMARY: This is a new rendition of the song/poem "There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly". The pirate swallows one thing after another (either to protect his stuff from others or because he just can't help himself--I couldn't tell). He ends up by eating his ship and falling to the bottom of the ocean where one assumes things do not end well for him.

ILLUSTRATIONS: The pictures look like larger than life cartoons and are digitally rendered. They are fun to look at with plenty of rich detail.

THE GOOD: All those young and blood thirsty pirates in training will enjoy following the poem and repeating it time and again, especially the "Yo ho ho, watch his belly grow." This would be a fun group story time book.
THE NOT AS GOOD: This was far from my favorite rendition of this song. For one thing, there was no punch line at the end that made sense. I expected all those things in his belly to do something fantastic. Instead they just sank to the bottom of the sea with him. This is a rather gruesome ending as well.


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