Vanishing Act
Vanishing Act [a Jane Whitefield Novel] By Perry, Thomas Book - 1995

"What’s a great disguise?" "Great? Great is like you take female hormones for a year, get a sex-change operation that’s so good that your reclusive billionaire husband never suspects that you weren’t always a woman, and neither do any of his army of security people."

"Remember, Polish wedding. Join the fun and you’re a guest. Stand around and you’re a stranger."

I saw those four, and I know men like that don’t just come out of the blue after a young woman in Deganawida. You have to go where they are to attract their attention.

If you wasted something that was good enough, it wasn’t called waste, it was sacrifice.

The coast of California was a sad place for Indians: Chumash, Gabrieleno, Cupeno, Tataviam, Luiseno, Costanoan, Miwok, Ipa, Salinan, Esselen—all either exterminated by 1900 or down to 1 percent of the 300,000 people the priests had counted when they took their first inventory of souls.

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