Vanishing Act
Vanishing Act [a Jane Whitefield Novel] By Perry, Thomas Book - 1995

"Are you married?" "I used to be. After about three years of being a cop’s wife, she saw the future before I did."

They used to show Tarzan movies on Saturdays for a quarter, so children had watched them without complaint. She had sensed that it was always a big moment when Jane got wet, but at the time the significance was lost on her.

´… When was the last time you were afraid for your life?" "That’s easy," he said. "When I was a cop." "Cops are dogs. Try to think in rabbit." "What?" She said it carefully, so he would understand. ’’This is like dogs chasing a rabbit. When the rabbit wins, he doesn’t get to kill the dogs and eat them. He doesn’t get to be a dog. He just gets to keep being a rabbit."

It was easy to imagine why people would believe— no, not believe, exactly, just express the mystery of it this way—that the world was begun when Sky-Woman fell and was caught by the sea birds and placed on the shell of a gigantic turtle.

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