Half the Sky
Half the Sky Turning Oppression to Opportunity for Women Worldwide By Kristof, Nicholas D. Book - 2009

A litany of abuse against women; intense reading. NYT power couple, Kristof and Wu Dunn, clearly care about the abysmal state many non-Western women are forced into and tell their stories in great detail. Success occurs but it is hard-won. There are two weaknesses: the book flap notes China’s integration of women. This is false, however. A dead-end job making cheap knock-offs in a factory doesn’t equate to the power that women in professional jobs have—and there is a dearth of Chinese professional women. Institution-wise, China would do better to build its own house of egalitarianism—for example, the ruling communist politburo is completely male. Second, the suggested resource list is a good idea but oddly lacking in traditional American non-profits that focus on women’s civil rights and self-sovereignty (Planned Parenthood, ACLU, NARAL, etc.) It’s good to see the international resources and people can research them further before donating; however, providing U.S. resources could have expanded the action network by providing resources that Americans are familiar with and trust.

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