A G-man's Life
A G-man's Life The FBI, Being "Deep Throat", and the Struggle for Honor in Washington By Felt, W. Mark Book - 2006

There's a really big, some would say colossal, problem with this autobiography: just how in creation did this Felt fellow obtain this information. Nixon would have his office swept daily, several times a day for bugs, once by the Secret Service [once shared a townhouse in D.C. with three other fellows, one of them the electronics tech who did the sweeping], and the second time by a private firm. So we are to blindly accept that the assistant director of the FBI employed magic? Major, and never answered question? [Answer: When Kissinger was at Harvard he would almost routinely rat out fellow competitors for academic positions, calling up the FBI and claiming they were commies! Who was Kissinger's contact at the FBI? W. Mark Felt, of course! Henry Kissinger was deep throat!]

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