Ah, Stryper, I remember them well.

The band became big during the Hair Metal 80's and were contemporaries of Motely Crue, Ratt, Poison, and Dokken.
Known for their religious beliefs, throwing Bibles out to audience members, and a propensity for teenage girls backstage,
Stryper were treated as peers with their L.A. based brethren.

I have this record on vinyl, believe it or not!

I remember many days listening to this album, rolling joints on the cover, using the gatefold to put any excess back into the bag.

I remember seeing them live, (Kick Axe opening), getting backstage and watching both bands snort lines and trying to pick up tube-topped, tight jeaned, high top shoe wearing members of the opposite sex.

Good times, man, good times.

Recommended if you like:
- 80 Hair Metal, Marshall Stacks, oddly shaped guitars
- Excess
- Rock of Ages Musical.
- Outward Christianity, Slayer, Megadeth, and other melodic heavy rock.
- Pittsburgh Steelers, Transformers, bumblebees.

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