While trying to keep this film's 1969 time-frame firmly in mind - I certainly have to say that I found having actress Beryl Reid in my face for 2 hours & 20 minutes (with her abrasive, scenery-chewing "June Buckridge" character) to be (almost) too unbearable to endure at times.

A hateful, nasty, jealous and temperamental boozer - Was June Buckridge really supposed to be looked upon as being a fair representation of an older, butch lesbian (who was having a very stormy affair with a very girlish and feminine woman who was young enough to be her daughter)?

If you ask me - This badly-dated, British production (filmed in Metrocolor) was so antagonistic in nature that it only succeeded in reinforcing the most negative lesbian stereotypes imaginable.

And, finally - I think that director Robert Aldrich handled this film's subject matter very poorly. As an example of just that - The nightclub scene of same-sex couples slow-dancing together certainly went way beyond the point of being just clumsy and awkward. It sure did. In fact, it was downright atrocious!

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