Sun Records 65th Anniversary
Sun Records 65th Anniversary Born From the Blues Music CD - 2017

I'm in agreement with the previous comment, but what should be added is that it also has some gems from the Sun rock n' roll stable; Elvis,Carl Perkins,Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash.
It also has a cut from the Million Dollar Quartet ( the above mentioned four), which I know played around together in the studio, but they suppositly never put any of it down on record.
Its nice to see the other Sun artists get their due, and most (not all ) are all fine cuts; Rocket 88 by Jackie Benson, considered one of the first Rock n Roll records, Mystery Train by Junior Parker and the Blue Flames, with its sax solo copying a lonesome train whistle, where Elvis's version is more uptempo,but it loses the feel for the lyrics, but hey,it outsold Juniors version by tons.

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