Biutiful DVD - 2011 | Spanish

Anna: Daddy, how do you spell "beautiful"?
Uxbal: Like it sounds.
Ana: With an i?
Uxbal: Biutiful.
The day I met your dad at a party he said...that I had the most beautiful nose he had ever seen. And obviously I believed him. Then he took my hand to read my future. He said that I'd get married to a completely hopeless man...but that I'd be truly loved. Who knows how many birds he'd used that on, but it worked with me. He said that if I let go of his hand
it wouldn't come true. And straightaway, before I knew ...
Uxbal: I'm afraid to leave the kids in the lurch.
Bea: Do you believe that it's you who looks after the children? Don't be naive, The Universe looks after them.
Uxbal: Yes, but the universe doesn't pay the rent.

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