Biutiful DVD - 2011 | Spanish

Javier Bardem did a fantastic job in this film, but be warned, the film is definitely not a romp in the park. Very dark, very gritty view of life on the edge in Barcelona's cramped underworld. Here we meet crooked cops, human traffikers, scam artists, illegal immigrants, shady businessmen, all trying to make a go of their lives. In this mix we meet two children who provide the counterpoint bit of hope that Bardem's character clings to in the midst of his own tragedy. Be prepared for some very quiet Spanish dialogue, sometimes hard to read subtitles, and jarring loud music every once in a while - oh yes, and some disturbing sights. Enjoy is not a word to describe this film, but it certainly will impress and leave you with deep thoughts.

GLNovak's rating:
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