This movie is a must watch for any Naruto fans. The movie The Last has amazing animation quality, plot, and full of cool fights. The movie is set after the end of the Naruto Shippuden series, and before Boruto's series. The reason I liked this movie a lot is because it finally made Naruto aware of Hinata's interest in him and no longer portrays him as that award guy that's chasing after an uninterested person. This is made further interesting by the addition of fight scenes and action with Toneri, which makes it a lot less awkward to watch at the same time, as its not all just cheesy romance. With the coolest action scene being where Naruto fights Toneri with the support of Sasuke and Hinata. What I did find really annoying within the movie though, was that Toneri was attempting to take Hinata as a wife for most of the movie as well. This was very random, out of place, and somewhat inappropriate. Anyhow, it being the prequel to Boruto's series makes it a must watch for anyone interested in watching Boruto. Aside from the marriage being relevant to Boruto's series as he wouldn't have existed without said marriage, it's also an important movie because it's how Toneri turns into a good character who is present within the new series. Rating: 5
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Naruto the Movie: The Last takes place a couple of years after the fourth ninja war, where Naruto and his friends have grown up into adults and are sent on a mission to stop Toneri Otsutsuki, who has moved the moon to strike the earth. In order to protect the earth, Naruto, Hinata, Sakura, Sai and Shikamaru are assigned to this mission. Throughout this movie, it goes over the romantic relationship between Naruto and Hinata and the story builds up to show Naruto what Hinata's true feelings are for him. In my opinion, this movie was really well made because everything was so well developed: the plot, characters, setting, etc. I really loved the appearance of Naruto in this movie because it's so different from the classic style of Naruto. The fighting scenes were really great as well which are always a classic element of Naruto movies. In conclusion, Naruto the Movie: The Last is an awesome movie that has been developed very well and all Naruto fans should definitely watch this movie. Rating 5/5.
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