Julieta DVD - 2017 | Spanish

Dear Anta... ...I'll tell you everything that I couldn't tell you because you were a child... because it was too painful for me or I was afraid. But you're no longer a child. Beatriz told me you have your own children. Three, no less. You're a grown woman, and a mother.
Nobody commits suicide because a girl, even one as beautiful as you, Doesn't want to talk to him.
... the nymph Calypso and she offered Ulysses everything imaginable. Let's see, Diego, she offered him something really important?
-Her body.
That comes first. But also? Something that we all have dreamed of.
-Eternal youth.
Exactly. And immortality. However, Ulysses rejected her. And jumped into the sea to face a host of dangers. Which of the three words would you choose to use to mean 'the sea'. As used by Ulysses?
- Thalassa?
- Pontos.
That's it, Pontos. Pontos, the sea, The sea, the path to adventure and the unknown.

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