Uberworked and Underpaid
Uberworked and Underpaid How Workers Are Disrupting the Digital Economy By Scholz, Trebor Book - 2017

Back in the early '00s, when it should have been obvious to all that the offshoring of American jobs was rapidly increasing [and the insourcing of foreign visa replacement workers], the gentleman behind Tradewatch.org showed up on the University of Washington campus to discuss it, and about 7 people showed up in a hall which held hundreds, a most abysmal event.
This is all part of the // gig economy \\ which the sheeple are as obvlivious to as they still are to jobs offshoring [been fighting against it since 1980] and the insourcing of foreign replacement workers, part of the offshoring process.
Uber, AirBnB, TaskRabbit, et cetera, et cetera, will be the future as not enough countries and cities have moved against them [Uber = unregulated taxi company; AirBnB = unregulated hotels and motels; TaskRabbit = unregulated labor, et cetera].
There was a reason why President Carter did something he never promised during his campaign: did away with federal anti-usury regulations!
Ferdinand Lundberg long ago labelled America the ultimate plutocracy - - this is the logical outcome of predatory capitalism.

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