Season 1 : Volume 2

DVD - 2015
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Outlander spans the genres of romance, science fiction, history and adventure as it follows Claire Randall, a married WWII combat nurse who mistakenly falls back in time to 1743. As the season continues, Claire and Jamie's relationship is tested and Claire must reconcile her modern mindset with this 18th-century world. Ruthless Redcoats, volatile clan politics, and a brutal witch trial force Jamie and Claire to escape to a new home. Just when life as a married couple begins to take shape, Jamie is once again drawn into Captain Randall's darkness. Ultimately, Claire discovers there is a fate worse than death as she struggles to save Jamie's heart, as well as his soul.
"The epic conclusion of the first season" -- cover.
Publisher: Culver City, California : Sony Pictures Television, Inc., ©2015.
Edition: Widescreen edition
Branch Call Number: DVD FICTION OUT season 1 v.2
Characteristics: 2 DVDs (ca. 464 min.)


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Mar 17, 2019

Enjoyed the series so far. Kind of getting into the story line. Would not say it is the best tv series show but it is ok.

Dec 15, 2017

I was disappointed with volume two of the first season. I could not watch one scene in particular because it was so disturbing. I am usually very sensitive to violence but I could handle all of it in this volume... but not the scene in the last episode. I believe they went too far with portraying that.

Sep 13, 2017

Compelling and very adult costume drama/fantasy series based on the popular Outlander books by Diana Gabaldon. Celebrates the lives and love of the romantic 18th Century Scottish warrior Jamie Fraser of the Mackenzie Clan and beautiful, spirited Claire Randall, a 20th Century English combat nurse. During a post-WWII visit to Scotland with her husband Frank, Claire comes upon a setting of ancient stones and touching one of them finds herself transported back to the wild and dangerous Highlands of 1743.

Irish actress/ex-model Caitriona Balfe is well cast as Claire, giving the bewildered heroine a maturity and resourcefulness that helps her keep her feet in her new, often threatening, surroundings. Also well cast are British actor Tobias Menzies in the dual roles of Frank and Captain John "Black Jack" Randall, his 18th Century ancestor. Menzies is so skillful you almost feel you are watching two different actors essaying these very different Randall men.

And finally there is the dashing Jamie Fraser. Outlander may be Claire's story, but Highlander Jamie, her great love, is its beating heart, and Scottish actor Sam Heughan is remarkable in the role. Reportedly, though everyone involved in the production worried the role of Jamie Fraser would be the hardest to cast, it turned out the be the easiest when Heughan's audition tape arrived. His chemistry with Balfe is wonderful, and their many scenes together are by turns touching, comic, and thrillingly sensual. From the moment Jamie sets eyes on Claire he belongs to her body and soul; his heart is hers to command. And, against her will at first, conflicted in her feelings of loyalty and love for the confused and grieving Frank, Claire ultimately returns Jamie's passion and devotion unreservedly.

That said, it develops that the most unexpected and complex relationship of season one turns out to be between Jack Randall and Jamie Fraser.

The foreshadowing encounters and stunning plot twists involving the strapping, heroic Jamie and the sadistic Black Jack Randall have never before been seen in this kind of entertainment, and could only be described as For Mature Audiences Only. While the strange and brutal interactions between Jamie and Randall are often difficult to witness, it nevertheless makes for some of the most fascinating drama I have ever seen in television (or film) and I commend author Gabaldon and the entire Starz creative team for trusting that viewers (well, most of them anyway) could handle it.

Bonus material includes commentary tracks for many of the episodes in this set including the infamous finale "To Ransom A Man's Soul." I was grateful for that. I watched this disturbing, heartbreaking episode twice, first to absorb it in its complex entirety and then again to listen to principal showrunners Ronald D. Moore and Ira Steven Behr analyze the characters and story arc, and discuss the challenges for all concerned in bringing it to screen. Their observations helped me sort out my own conflicted feelings about the "Ransom" episode (and the prologue episode that precedes it, "Wentworth Prison") and my curiosity about how actors Menzies and (especially) Heughan were able to get through it.

Its darkest moments not for the squeamish, this is nevertheless an engrossing, well made drama. I highly recommended it.

May 28, 2017

Definitely second-rate drama. That's because it is produced by Americans (The Starz Channel) who have added gobs of gratuitous nudity throughout, including during rape or would-be rape scenes. Sexing up violence against women is not appealing, thank you very much. A part as large as the protagonist's here, should have attracted loads of top British female actors. I suspect that all the unnecessary nudity and prurience put off all those women, which is why they ended up with a not very expressive former model in the lead role. Same thing for the role of Jamie, played by the overly-muscled Sam Heughan, who can be said, if I may quote Dorothy Parker, to run the gamut of human emotion from A to B. Heughan does contentment and anger and that's about it.

My objection to gratuitous nudity is not out of prudery, but out of knowing that it contributes to the view that men are entitled to women's bodies. I feel sorry for the few name actors of note here in this series, and believe me there are very few. The ones that are here are older and roles in higher quality drama must be now thin on the ground. They deserve better than this tosh.

missimwitt Dec 06, 2016

Love this series! Please don't censor this because a few so-called "adults" cannot handle an adult series; let them stay in the children's section if that's all they can handle. I am sick of people who think they have the right to censor everything "for my own good." It's refreshing to finally see a realistic, adult series on the shelves, instead of those boring, cliché', so-called family movies guaranteed to put one to sleep. I don't like religious movies, but I don't demand they be removed, do I? If you don't like it, then don't watch it. Censorship is bad for everyone. I intend to request every DVD of this series they will make.

ArapahoeKati Aug 08, 2016

A faithful, if violent, adaption of Outlander. I don't want to be spoiler-y, but there is a particularly brutal and torturous scene in the last episode, which also occurs in the books, that may make some viewers uncomfortable.

Jul 21, 2016

You have to laugh at some of the glaring mistakes and oddities in this series. None of the rough men seemed to think it too odd to fine a woman from England wandering around in her shift!
Nor did anyone blink an eye when she magically appeared in designer clothes, seemingly just waiting for her at the castle. The extended and extensive graphic sex and the close ups of showing horrendous wounds being stitched up, (with hardly a flinch from brave Jamie) would not be necessary in a really good storyline. We probably will not be ordering season 2.

Jul 12, 2016

To "truth speaker":
There was no need to make your comment into a homophobic rant. If you saw that the series contained material you did not appreciate fitting your sensibilities, why did you continue watching it?

Jul 11, 2016

This was a great adult fictional story. Anyone who is hysterically appalled by the brutality and sexuality of this movie should watch children's movies. Humans past or present have a propensity for ugly deeds. What about the brutality of hanging a godly man on a cross to suffer, yet we celebrate this every Easter as a national holiday-what? I wouldn't recommend this for children or teens but what are we going to do: start burning books, gays, drunk drivers (well, maybe! ha), anyone ever convicted whether they've straightened up or not? It would be a big fire. The last commenter went on and on and on- OMG !!!!!! ; so I won't .

Jul 09, 2016

The following review contains spoilers which you must read BEFORE deciding whether or not to watch this series, especially if you have children in the house. Despite the graphic scenes of sex and violence in Volume 1, I was not prepared for the explosion of perversion that occurred in Volume 2. The last episode contains what is probably the most disgusting rape scene in motion picture history. The imbecile who wrote this story allowed the hero, James (Jamie) Fraser (a Highlander!), to be raped by the villain, Jack Randall, and in the most despicable manner. Furthermore, it was not one brief act of brutality but several prolonged ones that the makers of this series insisted on showing us in great detail. Most disturbing was that the makers treated Jamie’s rape as if it was a love scene going so far as to include their sick, twisted version of “foreplay”. Despite fast forwarding through the rape scenes, it was impossible to not see some of these grotesque and disturbing images. I feel tainted from having seen this nightmare and decided to post this review to save other unwitting people from such an ordeal. I normally do not read reviews because of spoilers, but this time I wish I did. I never would have started let alone continued watching this series had I known of Jamie’s rape. I do not know how much of Jamie’s rape was in the books, or if the makers took ”artistic licence” but everyone involved in the making of this series should be deeply ashamed of themselves, including the actors. It is amazing how much some people are willing to degrade themselves for money. I enjoy stories with a strong female lead but not at the expense of the male. I cannot see how anyone can continue watching a series where the male lead has been so extremely emasculated. Those of you who are thinking of watching the rape scenes to see what the controversy is all about, think again. Once you allow disturbing images into your mind you cannot get them back out, as I wish I could. Also, by choosing to borrow this DVD you are supporting this vile, filthy series. The best thing that can happen is for nobody to borrow it again so that the library removes it from its shelves. How did we get to the point that gratuitous sex and violence can be found on library shelves? The makers of this series crossed a very big line. What is next; graphic scenes of pedophilia and bestiality? If you think it will never come to that, think again. In Ontario the sex education curriculum for children was orchestrated by a convicted pedophile. Men who want the right to sodomize children have succeeded in legally forcing OUR children to be awakened to homosexuality at far too early of an age. Had our censor boards not been nullified by likeminded individuals, the graphic sodomy of a young man (Jamie Fraser) would never have been broadcast on prime time national television before ending up on library shelves. Outlander is not just a bad series based on the writings of a vulgar person; there are ulterior motives behind such programming. Please take the time to read the following links. The first is an article entitled “Inspired by Evil” on pages 40 and 41 of the June/July 2015 issue of The Landowner Magazine. The second provides details of Ontario’s Sex Education curriculum and the pedophile who orchestrated it. Please note I am not affiliated with either of these entities. I am just a regular person who searches for the truth since the mainstream media routinely omits relevant facts. http://go.epublish4me.com/ebook/ebook?id=10085135#/40

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DebAK Mar 05, 2016

Coarse Language: Lots, lots and LOTS of it.

DebAK Mar 05, 2016

Sexual Content: Pornography, rape (male), masturbation.

DebAK Mar 05, 2016

Frightening or Intense Scenes: A horrible scene when a man is flogged almost to death. Horrendous torture scenes where a man is also raped after tortured, sickening.

EuSei Dec 27, 2015

Other: A woman, who is breast-feeding and can't feed her baby because she is travelling, exposes both her breast and repeatedly squirts her milk to relieve herself. Breast-feeding is not a vulgar thing, but was turned just such by the excess of exposure. The idea could have been easily conveyed without the long exposure of the breasts and the squirting of milk, making her almost look like a cow.

EuSei Dec 27, 2015

Coarse Language: Coarse language is the least problem of this movie, where all kinds of other horrors abound!

EuSei Dec 27, 2015

Violence: A hand is smashed repeatedly with a hammer. Then an enormous nail is hammered in the smashed hand. Someone being whipped almost to death after having been whipped the day before--his wounds not yet healed! Men being hanged by being thrown down the gallows and one can hear their necks break.

EuSei Dec 27, 2015

Sexual Content: A man rapes another man who is almost unconscious after being tortured. A man's genitals are clearly and repeatedly shown while he masturbates himself and beats a woman to arise himself. Very graphic depictions of sex and masturbation.

Dec 16, 2015

Coarse Language: coarse language,

Dec 16, 2015

Frightening or Intense Scenes: torture

Dec 16, 2015

Sexual Content: sexual content

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Oct 04, 2017

mswrite thinks this title is suitable for 18 years and over

ecrl May 01, 2016

ecrl thinks this title is suitable for 18 years and over

DebAK Mar 05, 2016

DebAK thinks this title is suitable for 18 years and over

Mee2 Feb 26, 2016

Mee2 thinks this title is suitable for 18 years and over

EuSei Dec 27, 2015

EuSei thinks this title is suitable for 21 years and over

Dec 16, 2015

theprincess thinks this title is suitable for 40 years and over


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Jun 02, 2018

Dougal to Jamie, who is passionately kissing Claire goodbye as he is being exiled from the Mackenzie castle: "I said kiss her, dinna swallow her."


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